About Us

The League NYC Mission


To provide high quality softball opportunities to girls in NYC so that they may have the best chance to go and play college softball.

The League NYC Vision

Our Vision

We believe that playing college softball is within reach for every participant that is involved in The League for Fastpitch Softball. Therefore it is our responsibility to expose female student athletes to endless opportunities in the world of softball, where they can aspire to play in college.

The League NYC About Us

Who We Are

We are an organization with individuals that have over 20 years of coaching, teaching, caring, leading, and creating opportunities for young people. We seek to empower the often forgotten: the young girls in some of the most challenging environments in New York City. We intend to do that through sport; Through Softball. We do this by first providing a safe environment where all girls are welcomed and are a priority. We then provide structure and opportunities so that young girls can be most successful on and off the field. Lastly we provide the resources and connections so that young girls can not only go to college but have a real chance to play softball in college.