Who We Are.

The League of Pissed Off Voters is primarily a voter education political group. We are also a voter advocacy group. We are also incredibly pissed off about the sometimes shady dealings and spineless politicians that are elected from time to time.

In the love hate relationship with our city politics, we strive to be vigilant eyes on the political process and to promote civic engagement not for the left or the right but for everyone in our communities and this City.

How Do We Do It?

When all the ballot information comes out we retreat into cafes, bars, or libraries and research who and what will be voted on in a coming election.

We take that research and present it to The League members and vote on endorsements that we think are good choices for everyone and the city.

We write out what we find in plain English (and hopefully other languages soon), design a voter guide, print that voter guide, and then hand it out to as many people as we can on the street and online.

Then we sit back at a bar with everyone and watch the results come in.

I'm Down. How Do I Join?

So you like what we do.

To become a voting member you need to do three things:

  • Send us a message at league@theleaguenyc.org introducing yourself.
  • Donate $20 a year (as dues).
  • Volunteer at the least 4 hours per election cycle.

Pretty easy right? Well, hurry up and get pissed off!

Join the Pissed Off Mailing List!

Stay informed on what the League is doing. We will send emails about events, meetings, and new voter guides! We promise not to spam your email.