The League for Fastpitch Softball is a community organization that seeks to partner with other organizations, groups, and people who can help us reach our mission of providing high quality softball opportunities to girls in NYC so that they may have the best chance to go and play college softball. We recognize that without the help of our partners, accomplishing our mission would be near impossible. We thank our partners who have contributed time, space, funding, and other resources. Please support our wonderful partners, here is a little about them –

Color Me Mozartâ„¢ is a revolutionary music education system for young children that is used throughout the NYC area. As fellow advocates in providing the youth of NYC with great opportunities, we love what the League for Fastpitch Softball is doing for girls in New York City.

We are proud to be a partner and support this wonderful organization and their mission. For more information about Color Me Mozartâ„¢, click here.