We have endorsed Cordell Cleare for District 9 City Council because she is exactly the kind of grass-roots figure we want to see taking up offices throughout this city. She has worked, lived, and raised her family in Harlem so she knows the community well. She was the essential architect to the most comprehensive anti-lead poisoning bill in the country, which was passed through her old bosses office in Albany, State Senator Bill Perkins (who is also running for this city council seat). She was Chief of Staff for him both in City Hall and the State Assembly so we know she comes from the right side of politics—for the people.

She has been elected to the school board in District 3 (1999-2004), elected to the Community Education Council (2004, 2005). There she fought for public school funding, resources, technology, and capital improvements for the underserved and lowest performing schools. She continued her political organizing as a District Leader in the 68th Assembly (Harlem) for the Democratic party, she also works for the Sojourner Truth Democratic Club. Cleare has legislative experience and knows City Hall well and most of her funding comes from solid community based sources and individual contributions.

We can get down with her slogan, the choice is Cleare.