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The League for Fastpitch Softball is here for the 2020 season. Just what we have all been looking for.

The Frank Sinatra saying goes, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” However for the average softball player from New York City, that saying seems to hold no weight when it comes to making it to college to play the game that they love. Let’s be frank (no pun intended), softball in NYC gets little to no respect but we intend to fix that.

There are a number of very talented softball players in NYC. In this large city, softball is being played in all five boroughs in different school leagues and in several softball leagues played throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall months. Therein often is the problem; too many leagues. A couple are run well and are staples, while others are run with little to no organization and structure. There are even a number of leagues that have come and gone. That leads to the first problem we plan to solve, “Where should college coaches and recruiters go to see great softball by great softball players?”

Softball has been growing in the city with more and more girls being seen in their softball uniforms and complementary bats, cleats, and gloves. However, what you may notice if you pay careful attention to a girl leaving early on a Saturday morning to a game in one uniform, is only for her to come home with a different uniform. Sunday may even bring two more different uniforms. With the influx of teams and leagues, it’s not unusual for a softball player to play on two, three, or even four teams over the course of a Summer. This is not even including tournaments. The reason is often because there is no central league to play in, one where all the best teams play. Instead you may have one league in Manhattan with only 5-6 teams, and two of them dominating it, while another league in the Bronx is under the same scenario. This would apply to the other boroughs as well and a number of times.  

This is why we are creating The League for Fastpitch Softball. Why not have the best teams from all five boroughs playing in the same place? A place that is structured and well organized, and where college coaches and recruiters know where to go to see the talented softball players that NYC has to offer. We want to also be the place that celebrates and spotlights the great softball players here. No longer will a player need to play on several different teams to play some of the best competition. And in the same breath, no longer will a coach have to wonder if his star pitcher is coming to his game or playing for the other team somewhere else. 

So just how does The League for Fastpitch Softball actually intend to work and help get girls to college you may be asking? To begin, we will provide more than just “a league,” as we will be hosting College Showcases a number of times a year for individual players, as well as Tournaments for teams with the hope of having college representation. We will also, in conjunction with several colleges, hold a number of clinics that will help with players being recruited. Within our website, we intend to have comprehensive stats, and highlight players and teams with news articles. As well, we will provide the service of creating recruiting videos and hosting them on our website, along with photos, game videos, and live feeds of games played within The League. 

The League itself will consist of 10-12 teams split into two equal conferences. Teams will play each team within their conference twice, while playing teams out of conference once. The top two/three teams from each conference will make the playoffs. Conference winners will then play for the championship. Games will be played throughout the city until playoffs, where it will be at a central location. The hope is that with all the opportunities, resources, and connections The League for Fastpitch Softball will offer, more and more girls from NYC will get to play the game they love in college.