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Kimberly Medina, college pitcher for the College of Mount Saint Vincent, shares her advice on becoming a college softball player. 

Becoming a college softball player has been one of the hardest tasks to accomplish and maintain. I started thinking about playing college softball once I started high school because I knew then and there that colleges look at your high school stats. So from then on, I set a goal to keep my stats pretty high. 

Dreams started becoming reality around sophomore year of high school because I started receiving awards from the city. I held my head high and thought maybe I can actually pull this through. Getting recruited though is a process. Let me give you some advice. Towards the beginning of the process, you have to start emailing coaches moderately early just to get on their radar. Just don’t expect to hear from coaches yet. 

The MOST IMPORTANT PART of the recruiting process is to have a well prepared video. If you have a video that sucks, some coaches don’t even bother emailing you back or gently turn you down and suggest you playing rec ball. You’d want to have a video that is sweet and straight to the point. Though the video is sweet and straight to the point, you’d want to write one wicked email that makes the coaches remember you. One mistake that is commonly made is addressing a coach with the incorrect name. It is extremely embarrassing. I can’t stress this next point enough; Stay in contact with the coaches!!! Do not wait for coaches to look for you, you have to look for them!! 

I followed the correct recruiting steps and I was recruited. Eventually I was recruited by the school that I thought was good for me. I was recruited by the former coach of the College of Mount Saint Vincent and I committed. The coach left and the program has now been led by head coach Richard Vaccaro. I had to prove myself to a new coach but I am proud to say I am a starting college pitcher for CMSV. 

College ball is way different compared to high school ball. It’s a way bigger commitment. From 5 am lifts to 10 pm practice and maintaining your GPA, this is not easy and you cannot slack otherwise you’re going to be benched. You have to fight back and show some spunk on the field. You have to prove to your coaches, why you deserve to be on the field and why you deserve to wear your school’s colors. If this is what you really want, it’s no problem. So ask yourself, do you really want to be a college softball player?