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Easter Tournament 2023 Rules


1.    4 game guarantee. Round Robin Single Elimination Playoff format.

2.     We will be playing ASA rules (straight softball rules with the following exceptions below).



1.    Coaches must check in and present roster and waivers (legible, completed and signed) at least 45 minutes prior to first game.

2.    Players without properly executed waivers will not be permitted to take the field.

3.    At check in players must present age verification either by State ID, School ID, or Passport. Players must check in in order to be eligible players.



1.    Pre-Game warm-up may take place if appropriate time exists between games. All teams need to be ready to play at least 30 minutes before their scheduled start times-games may begin earlier than scheduled if the previous game ends early.

2.    After first games, teams will be given roughly 10 minutes for warm up before the start of their game.



1.    Minimum of 10 and maximum of 18 players.

2.    Managers should carry current roster.



1.    A player’s birthdate as of December 31st, 2022 determines their age eligibility for this tournament. If a player turned 19 on this date or before, they are ineligible. If a player turned 19 on January 1st, 2023 or after are still eligible.



1.    The League will supply bases and mound. Teams are responsible for all other equipment.

2.    Teams will provide 1 new game ball, and 1 gently used ball (Umpire’s call) for each game. The League will provide the game balls after if needed.

3.    Medal cleats are not permitted. If a player is on the field-playing defense, that player must be substituted for immediately. Said player may return once a proper pair of cleats are worn with no consequence (Substitution & re-entry rules don’t apply here). If a player is on offense and found to have medal cleats, that player will BE CALLED OUT.




1.    The League will provide one (1) official for each game, except for the championship game where there will be two (2). 

2.    The umpire is responsible for calling all plays at all bases, for enforcing all rules of the game, and keeping the game moving.

3.    Umpires are ASA Certified and trusted. Only protests that are protest-able (non judgmental and are rule interpretation) will be heard, otherwise consider umpire calls final. Protest must be made immediately, prior to the next pitch. Under no circumstance will a protest be heard after the fact. The League Director decisions of protest are final. 



1.    Game Length & Time Limit –

a.     All game lengths will be 7 innings or time (an hour and 30 minute running time) whichever comes first. This is a drop dead time.

b.     Once time has expired, the game will be over immediately. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the team who had the lead in the last completed inning. Only exception is the event of a tie at the end of the game (Example: Both teams scored only 1 run in the first inning and now it’s tied). In this instance another inning will be played with the bases loaded with last 3 players out on the bases (last batted out on 1st). 

c.     The game clock will start at the time of the team meeting at the plate being over.

d.     The clock will be a running clock with no stoppage in any event (The exception will be at the discretion of League Director & Tournament Officials).

e.     Games may be started up to 30 minutes prior to scheduled time. Please have your team ready to play 30 minutes prior to game time.

f.      Tournament Director reserves the right to modify the time limit in the event of weather or unforeseen circumstances.

g.     Forfeit time is game time unless approved uncontrollable circumstances determined by League official.


2.    Home Team –

a.    Home team is determined by coin flip before the start of each game. The exception is the Playoffs where the highest seed will be the home team, including in the Championship game.


3.     Batting Order –

a.     A team may bat 9 players with up to 9 EH players (all players on the team) batting (continuous batting order). It’s to each coach’s discretion the number of EH’s used but must be written in the starting lineup card. Starting players playing the field may be replaced defensively but still must bat in their spot in the lineup if EH players are used. The starter may re-enter the game at any time defensively in the game but still must bat at their spot in the lineup where they were originally placed.

b.     A team may have 9-players on the field and bat only 9 with no EH players and the remaining 6 players starting on the bench.  Normal substitution & re-entry rules will then apply. Thus Subs will be used with the possibility of re-entry for the starters in their original batting position in the lineup.

c.     Lineups must be presented to opposing teams and umpire prior to game.

d.     There will be NO DP/Flex. It is not an option.

e.     If throughout the game the team drops to below 9 players, due to injury, ejection, or player having to leave. The team will take an out at that spot in the lineup. Teams will NOT be allowed to start games with 8 players. That will result in a forfeit.


4.    Courtesy Runner –

a.     Teams will have the option to use a courtesy runner for the pitcher and catcher at any time during an inning, but this rule IS MANDATORY with 2 outs for the catcher. Teams must follow all options and rules regarding courtesy runners listed below.

                                               i.     Option 1: If a team opts to bat nine (9) to thirteen (13) batters, the courtesy runner must be someone not in the current batting order of the game. (Example: Someone who has not been in the game at all or starter who is now on the bench) The exception to this rule is if there are no additional players on the bench; refer to Option 2 for Courtesy Runners.

                                             ii.     Option 2: If a team opts to bat their entire line up, they must use the last previous official batter who was out as the Courtesy Runner. The second choice is to use the second last batter of the previous inning if the team needs a second courtesy runner that inning (this only occurs when the pitcher and catcher reach base in the same inning).


5.    Sliding –

a.    Players are NOT permitted to slide head first and base runners must avoid contact AT ALL TIMES! Head first sliding is permitted going back to any base.

b.    Any runner sliding head first will BE CALLED OUT.

c.    On bang bang close plays (under umpire discretion) runners MUST slide or they will BE CALLED OUT.


6.     Pitching Rules –

a.     The League will follow ASA rules on illegal pitch, illegal delivery, and warm-up pitchers.

b.     Start back and step back will be allowed.

c.     At the start of the game, pitchers will be allowed 5 warm-up pitchers on the mound. After the first inning, pitchers will only be given 2-3 warm up pitches (Umpire discretion).

d.     Substituting pitchers coming in from the bench will be given 3 pitches to warm up on the mound. Substitute pitchers coming in from a defensive position in that inning (Ex. Outfielder comes to pitch) will only get 5 warm-up pitches from the mound.


7.     Mercy Rule –

a.     Mercy rule shall be 12 runs after 3, 10 runs after 4, and 8 after 5.

b.     Mercy rule is in effect for all games including championship games.



8.     Ball Dimensions –

a.     The ball dimension for games is a 12-inch ball. Balls should be Dudley’s.


9.     Extra Innings –

a.     If a game still has time on the clock the teams may play out the extra inning until time expires.

b.     If the Championship game should be tied after 7 innings, then an 8th inning (and others if need be) will start with the international tiebreaker of the last batted out from previous inning starting at 2nd base for each team.


10. Intentional Walks –

a.     The coach will notify the umpire they are walking the player and the umpire will place the batter at first base. No pitch needs to be thrown.


11. Refund Policy –

a.     Tournament Withdrawal Policy –

                                               i.     No withdrawal refunds are eligible once the first game has started for the team withdrawing.

b.     Rainout Policy –

                                               i.     In the event of a total rain out on Saturday, Apr. 16th, Tournament will take place on Sunday, Apr. 17th .

                                             ii.     0 games started = Full refund minus $50 administrative fee.

                                            iii.     1 game started = 50% refund of tournament fee.

                                            iv.     2 games started = No refunds.

                                              v.     The League will do their best to issue refunds within 90 days.

c.     Act of God/ Illness Policy –

                                               i.     Any Act of God or Illness Cancelation will result in a $75 administrative fee kept by The League. This goes for any cancellation due to local or national government rules and guidelines.




In The Dugout –

1.    The maximum amount of coaches allowed in the dugout is four (4).

2.    Only one Head Coach and one Assistant Coach is allowed on the playing field while their teams on offense.

3.    NO coaches may be on the field during their teams defensive series of play.

4.    Only coaches and rostered players are allowed in the dugout area.

5.    Only the Head Coach may question and talk to umpires about calls on the field.


Ineligible Players –

1.    It is the Head Coach’s responsibility to know if their players are eligible.

2.    If an illegal player participates at any time during the event, the player and head coach will be ejected from the remainder of the tournament and all games in which that player participated will be forfeited. 

3.    Participation is defined as either actively playing in the game or appearing anywhere on the official lineup that’s presented prior to the start of a game. 

4.    Examples of illegal players include, but are not limited to, playing on two teams in the same event, not being listed on the team roster that was presented prior to the tournament, violating the age requirement, playing under an assumed identity, use of a fraudulent ID, not presenting an ID when requested to do so, etc.


Ejections (Players and Coaches) –

1.    The League does not tolerate unprofessional or unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches, players or parents. The umpires have complete and final authority on the field and may remove anyone – coach, player or parent – who acts in an unprofessional or un-sportsman like manner toward another coach, player, parent or umpire.

2.    Throwing equipment, offensive language, arguments and fighting are prohibited. Players, coaches, managers and spectators who engage in un-sportsman like behavior may be ejected from the game or games and may face immediate forfeit losses for the rest of the tournament.

3.    The head coach is responsible for the behavior of his team’s coaches and players. While we understand coaches cannot control fans and relatives of players, we ask that the head coach assist in having them show good sportsmanship. If said fan/relative of player is ejected and continues to be an issue the team may be forced to forfeit.  

4.    Any player or coach ejected from a game for any reason will be required to sit out the remainder of the game they were ejected from.

5.    If a coach or player is ejected a second time anytime throughout the remainder of the tournament, the offender will be permanently removed from the remainder of the tournament and must leave the premises for the remainder of the event. This applies for ALL games (including championship). NO EXCEPTIONS! Any player or coach not abiding to this rule will cause their team to forfeit from the tournament.

6.    The League reserves the right to establish guidelines for any and all rules or infractions not covered in the tournament rules and to refuse participation to any individual or coach if they do not obey the rules and regulations and keep within the spirit of sportsmanship.