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Are you tired of 4-6 team leagues?
Do you want more competition for your team?
Does it bother you when leagues are disorganized & lack professionalism?
You ever wonder if a player on another team was eligible?
Ever feel like you didn’t get what you paid for?
Do your players itch to play other teams in other places?
Are rules and expectations seemingly made up on the fly by leagues?
Ever feel like a league is keeping you in the dark on scores & standings?

If you found yourself saying, “Yes,” to any of those questions, then you should register your team in The League. What we will offer will be beneficial to both you and your team. Let us tell you how and why we will be different.

The League will consist of 10-12 of the best teams within NYC with a schedule of 13-16 games. Games will be played throughout the city, where teams will host games at their fields and play at other team fields, to give it that feel of travel and fairness.

Teams will get their money’s worth, as The League fee is currently just $100 with the hopes of waiving that or returning the fee. Teams would just be responsible for umpire fees and game balls.

To play in The League, players will have to essentially be girls High School aged (13-18 years old). There are no divisions in The League, so it will be up to the coach’s discretion if a player is safe and ready to play. Eligible players for each team will have their verified picture and age on their team’s page on The League for Fastpitch Softball website.

The website will be an intricate part in making it worthy for both managers and players to be in The League. Not only will each team have a page complete with team information, insight and rosters, it will also house team schedules, results, stats, standings, and team pictures & videos. Additionally the website will have The League rules, updates, field location maps, and other features.

The League will not be a silent league. Teams, players, coaches, and plays will be celebrated not only on the website but also on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Every team will have at least one highlighted game of the week that will be live streamed. Now college coaches, family, and friends from far can watch players play. Players, coaches, and other key people will be interviewed and praised on The League’s website and social media platforms.

We hope you will join us by registering. Then perhaps you will agree with us when we say there’s, “No Better Place to Play,” in New York City.